PHP 7.4 is now available.

Dec 4, 2019 | Web Hosting News

PHP 7.4 is now available at

We are excited to announce the availability of PHP 7.4 to all customers.

The PHP team recently announced the availability of PHP 7.4.
A jump from PHP 7.3 to 7.4, as usual, is a big step.

We have two groups of users.

1) End users who are using only using applications that need PHP to run.

2) Developer users who use PHP for applications they wrote themselves.

If you are an End User, please do NOT switch to PHP 7.4 for your application unless you have verified that the application runs with PHP 7.4.
The PHP team still supports PHP 7.3 with security patches and bug fixes. So, no need to hurry.
(besides, please remember that we are running Hardened PHP back to PHP 5.6 which means that our PHP Vendor backports patches to old PHP versions)
An important thing to consider that at the time of this article, IonCube Loader is NOT yet available for PHP 7.4.


Let me address WordPress, which is the most widely used PHP application with our customers.

WordPress 5.3 IS compatible with PHP 7.4. HOWEVER, there are more moving parts you have to check. Check that all your WordPress Plugins are PHP 7.4 compatible. Ensure that your template is PHP 7.4 compatible.

If you accidentally switched your site to PHP 7.4 and it stopped working, change it back to PHP 7.3, wait for 5 minutes, and it should be back online.

Keep in mind, you can always contact our support team with questions regarding this or to fix any issues you might encounter.


If you belong to the developer users group, you probably know to check the PHP 7.4 migration instructions on how to adjust your PHP apps.